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Find out what was discussed at the first of a series of Peabody Activate roundtables looking at child poverty

Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that one million more children will be in poverty in 2020 than were in 2010, and it's also estimated that child poverty accounts for £29bn each year in costs to the exchequer and reduced economic output.

In response to this challenge, a series of roundtables will be taking place during 2014 focusing on child poverty in London. They will bring together three key stakeholders:

  • Social landlords
  • Funders and policy makers
  • On the ground practitioners and experts

During each session, 20-25 participants from these three communities discuss a set topic.

Below, you can read a summary of what was covered during the first roundtable, held at the RSA on Monday, 4 April. It was chaired by Stephen Burns, Peabody’s Executive Director.

Increasing the income of women with children in poverty (pdf, 256kb)

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