Peabody in the news

Peabody has reached an agreement with 45 food banks to issue food vouchers directly to Londoners.

Members of the Peabody Tenant Family and Support Team have been trained to issue the food vouchers to residents across 28 London boroughs, including some of the wealthiest parts of the capital.  


Team manager Danny Cordiner said: “Over the past year we’ve noticed a rise in calls from people who have no money to buy food. In the past, we would refer people to other agencies, but we’ve recently been approved to issue food bank vouchers directly to residents in need.  The voucher will provide three days' worth of food (the larger the family, the larger the food parcel).”

Peabody’s director of resident services, Joe Joseph said:  “With thousands of families struggling to put food on the table, we are doing our bit to help people in crisis."

“For many people on low incomes, a sudden crisis – redundancy or even an unexpected bill – can mean going hungry.  Emergency food can be a much needed lifeline, helping to prevent family breakdown, housing loss, crime, and mental health problems.

We spent four months contacting all the food banks in the areas in which we operate and as a result, we’re the first housing provider to be able to issue vouchers in every borough."   

Peabody has also launched a guide for employees on what to consider when making referrals. These will be reviewed by the TFST, who will assess whether the resident is eligible. Staff are also being encouraged to donate tinned food which will be distributed to the food banks that need it the most.

Where vouchers are issued, Peabody will offer ongoing support to residents to help them resolve their financial problems.  This could be help with managing money, support into employment, or financial advice.