Peabody in the news

Nine young Peabody residents are in the USA for a week of cultural exchange activities.

Latest blog from the group of Peabody residents on an exchange trip to Peabody, Massachusetts, birthplace of our founder George Peabody:

Day 2

"In the morning we visited Peabody memorial high school, where we met Peabody Ambassadors Chris and Chantelle. They took us on a tour of the school, including dropping into a few classes and the school cafeteria. The best bit was the music class, where where we were treated to two fantastic performances by the school choral group.

US trip
At the Peabody memorial high school

We ventured out onto the sports field, Bill explained that somewhere in the vicinity lay the remains of the famous John Proctor (the crucible) who was hung and buried there during the Salem witch trials! It was great to meet the teachers and students, who gave a real insight into the American high school experience. 

Next up was a trip to the Peabody Learning Academy, located at the Northshore Shopping Mall. The school has just 30 students, and was established by the Simon Youth Foundation. The school follows a non-traditional programme and allows students to learn in an alternative setting using mainly digital platforms.

Peabody Learning Academy
At the Peabody Learning Academy

All students had previously attended the main Peabody High School at some stage, and had experienced difficulties due to poor attendance, poor academic performance, and or had become disengaged from mainstream education. The learning academy is very much a second chance for them, many are now preparing to go off to college/ further study. There are 23 other schools like this (attached to shopping malls) around the country." 

Seith Bedard (Director) showed us around, and told us about the various community programmes the students take part in, including helping local food banks and inter generational projects with older people.

Stateside dinner
The day ended with a visit to a restaurant

We were then introduced three students, who told us about life at the school and how they plan to make the most of the opportunities they have been given. They also had a chance to talk to the Peabody kids about their hobbies, school life and plans for the future."