Peabody in the news

Nine young Peabody residents prepare to embark on an American adventure.

Nine young Peabody residents are heading to the USA for a week of cultural exchange activities, at the birthplace of Peabody’s founder.

George Peabody is so revered in the US that the town where he was born — Peabody, Massachusetts — is named in his honour.

This will be an opportunity for the young people to learn about the history and legacy of George Peabody, and how his contributions have helped people on both sides of the Atlantic.

They will also meet American young people and share their experiences of being a young person in their respective communities.

residents standing outside Peabody head office
The group meet at our head office before heading Stateside

Highlights include a tour of the house where George was born, which is now a museum, visits to three local high schools, and a chance to swap notes with the Peabody ambassadors, a group of young people who represent the town and undertake civic duties.

There will be visits to museums and libraries that were set up with money donated by George Peabody, including a museum at Harvard University, and a trip to Salem, famous for its mix of important historical sites. Mayor of Peabody Ted Bettencourt will host a farewell dinner at City Hall.

"This trip will be a great opportunity to learn more about Peabody’s founder and his great work in America" says Pembury Estate resident Emmanuella Addo.

Gabriel Walsh from the Millbank Estate in Pimlico is looking forward to "meeting and learning from other young people my age both from Peabody in London and the USA".

You can follow their adventures through regular updates on our website, and by following the #PeabodyUSA hash tag on Twitter.