Peabody in the news

Employees donated enough items to a local food bank to help at least 30 families.

Following our recent deal with food banks to issue food vouchers directly to Londoners, we organised a week-long collection at our head office, resulting in employees donating up to £1000 worth of food, toiletries and nappies.

Employees from across Peabody contributed to the collection, which weighed in at 255kg 

These items, which will go towards improving the lives of at least 30 families, were delivered to a food bank in Southwark which acts as a central hub distributing food to the local community and surrounding food banks.

A unique response

Danny Cordiner, Tenant and Family Support Team (TFST) Manager, says: "The food bank is a genuine cause completely reliant upon donations and people volunteering their time. It represents the community supporting the community and it is this response that makes the food bank so unique."

Foodbank in office
L-R: Liz Chambers, Head of Community Safety and Support; Danny Cordiner, TFST Manager; Joe Joseph, Director of Resident Services

Members of our TFST have been fully trained to provide the food vouchers along with practical financial advice and support.  The vouchers can be exchanged for the equivalent of three days’ worth of food.

Supporting residents and the community

Although food banks are a practical and immediate solution to the food poverty issue, we recognise that future action needs to be taken in order to prevent this from becoming a long-term problem. We offer ongoing support to all residents in the form of financial advice, employment guidance and family and parenting programmes.

Food banks in London