Peabody in the news

Nine young Peabody residents are in the USA for a week of cultural exchange activities.

The group are more than halfway through their exchange visit. What do they think of their journey so far?

"I am really enjoying this trip so far. I really enjoyed visiting the schools a couple of days ago because it was really nice meeting new and different types of people. I think Peabody is a really beautiful place and comfortable place to be in." Nana Ama (pictured right)

"I have had a wonderful experience so far; I love every minute of it. The food is also amazing and delicious. One thing I really enjoyed was going to Peabody high school, I had the chance to see how it was really like going to school, the kind of food they ate and how they were taught. Peabody is one of the most friendly places I have been to." Emmanuella

The trip so far is really good and I'm enjoying it, the most exciting part for me was visiting the high school and seeing the difference between mine and theirs. The breakfast was delicious and really big. I can't wait for Salem, because I've been told by many people it's going to be great and fun." Queen (pictured right)

"The trip so far has been awesome and I've had a really great time. Everyone in America has been really nice and friendly and willing to share their knowledge about George Peabody and the town. Going to the high school was totally surreal- it felt like something from out of a film!" Gabriele 

"So far I have had an amazing time here in Peabody, the people are welcoming, friendly and really nice. The one thing I have enjoyed most is having lunch (a 20-inch sub) with the mayor and seeing how things are run differently in Boston compared to London." Deng (pictured right)

"The trip has been great so far. I enjoyed going to the Peabody high school to see the difference between a public school in America and a public school in London. The people in America have been extremely welcoming and have made me feel very comfortable." Callum

"I am really enjoying this trip it has been amazing so far, I have learnt loads about George Peabody and have had so much fun at the same time! Some of my favourite things so far were hearing the choir sing and meeting the mayor of Peabody whilst eating a 12 foot long sub... no exaggeration!" George (pictured right)

"So far I've had a really fun trip with a chance to meet new people from London as well as America . It was interesting to visit a high school in Peabody and learn about the way of life there. I will definitely miss Peabody when I leave" Gabriel 

"So far on this trip to Peabody I have really enjoyed myself everyone is so friendly towards us and we have also had a fun time when we went to the gym and pool at the hotel. We have also learnt a lot about the city of Peabody and George Peabody himself and the legacy that he has left." Adam (pictured right)