Peabody in the news

When a resident suffered a fall, her neighbour, estate manager and caretaker were soon on the scene.

Quick thinking, collaborative working and community spirit ensured a Peabody resident was not left alone when she suffered a serious fall at home.

On a chilly Tuesday morning, Judith was preparing to go on an estate inspection with Michael, the local neighbourhood manager. A long-time resident, Judith regularly accompanies Peabody staff on inspections, walking around the estate to check things are ok and to look for any areas needing repair.

A telephone call

Just before 10am Judith headed out, before feeling the cold and returning to get her coat.

"That was when I heard my telephone," explains Judith. "If I hadn’t gone back, I would have missed the call." It was her friend, a resident of more than 20 years, on the other end of the line. Unable to move after falling down, she’d rang Judith to ask for help.

"I had a set of keys to her flat in case of emergencies," says Judith. "So I took them, ran out and tried to open her door. But I couldn’t get in." Her friend had put on the deadlock the previous night, which meant the door could only be opened from the inside.

Dial 999

Then Michael arrived, accompanied by Alex, a caretaker. When Judith explained the situation, Michael dialled 999, requesting an ambulance and the police. He then noticed the flat’s kitchen window was open and asked Alex to help him climb through the window. Upon entering, Michael found Judith’s friend on the floor and he quickly made her as comfortable as possible, reassuring her and letting her know the emergency services were on their way.

Alex went to the estate entrance, where he met the ambulance and gave directions to the flat, holding the doors open for the paramedics. Judith accompanied her friend to hospital, where she had an operation and stayed for several weeks before returning home. "It was so lucky that I was in when my friend rang,” reflects Judith. “I know lots of residents on the estate and we help each other out. I’m glad she could call on me.”