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Our Hugh Cubitt Centre hosted a meeting of London community leaders, where speakers included the Deputy Prime Minister

Our Hugh Cubitt Centre hosted a meeting of London community leaders on 24 May, and heard from the Deputy Prime Minister about the reaction of Londoners to the attack.

Hugh Cubitt event
Nick Clegg at Hugh Cubitt: The Deputy Prime Minister makes his speech

Nick Clegg said: "I think in many ways, the fact that we've come together is much more important than what anyone's actually going to say at the event because the fact that we're here together from so many different directions, from so many parts of the diversity that is London sends out a message. It sends out a very, very simple message of hope over fear, of community over division and that is immensely important.

"I think that you've done all of that and that by coming together in that way, by sending out that clear signal, you really have provided a great service to all of the communities who are asking themselves searching questions in London and across the country today."

Nick Clegg visitServing all communities: representatives attended from a wide range of groups

Other speakers at the event were: Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan, Conservative whip Lord Tariq Ahmad, former Army captain Afzal Amin, Imam Shaykh Shams ad-Duha Muhammad of Ebrahim College and the co-chairs of Faith Forum for London, Canon Guy Wilkinson and Leonie Lewis

Also in attendance were Colonel Hugh Bodington, Chief of Staff of the Army Headquarters at London District, and Commander Mak Chishty of the Metropolitan Police, who has been the force's community liaison for the events in Woolwich. 

Representatives of London's political leaders included Damian Johnson, Chair of the London Assembly; Andrew Boff, leader of the Assembly's Conservative group; Jenny Jones, leader of the Green Party Group; and Stephen Knight, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Group.

Nick Clegg visitBringing people together: More than 150 people were at the event

The local MP Emily Thornberry also took part, along with the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Tom Brake

Standing together

Peabody Chief Executive Stephen Howlett said: “My thoughts and condolences are with the family, friends and comrades of Drummer Lee Rigby. What happened has shocked us all and remains difficult to understand.  

"This event brought together people of all communities, from all faiths and none, to show we stand together to condemn the savagery of what happened in Woolwich on 22 May. 

"I was incredibly moved and inspired by the speakers, and am immensely proud of the reaction of Londoners to this appalling crime. I’m proud too, that Peabody is playing its part in bringing the community together in the aftermath.

The heart of London

"We are at the heart of London, providing homes for people of all faiths and creeds, and we know that these terrorist atrocities have nothing to do with any religion in any way. 

"We will not be fearful or defeated by random acts of terror.  Instead, our communities will continue our work to make London — the best city in the world — a city of opportunity for all.” 

Nick Clegg's speech at Peabody's Hugh Cubitt Centre