Peabody in the news

We recently teamed up with London’s emergency services to help test our procedures for dealing with residential fires.

The event simulated a fire where residents were evacuated and treated at a respite centre on the estate by the Red Cross.

Debrief sessions involving all agencies are planned over the coming weeks so all involved can benefit from the lessons learnt.

Working together  

Sandra Skeete, Peabody’s Executive Director of Housing, said: "We own and manage more than 20,000 properties in the capital, and the safety of our 55,000 residents is our top priority. It was great to see our residents, staff and the emergency services all working together to make this a successful event." 

Joe Joseph, Peabody’s Director of Resident Services, said: "This exercise was designed to make sure our emergency procedures, in the event of a fire, are working. I’m grateful to all of the emergency services, Westminster Council, our residents who took part in the drill, the volunteers, and Peabody employees for all their hard work in managing this challenge."

"The event cost very little to arrange as our employees, residents and the emergency services took part without payment. It was a great chance to also try out our newly developed emergency backpack that we intend to issue to our 33 neighbourhood managers. The packs are for use in emergency situations and contain such items as a high-visibility vest, first aid equipment, a torch, hazard tape and much more."

Fire safety in the community

Peabody Fire Safety Manager Robert Groom said: "This joint exercise between Peabody, the London Fire Brigade, and residents, shows we are preparing to respond to serious emergencies, on our estates, efficiently and effectively.

"This is a key part of our proactive fire safety in the community partnership between Peabody and the London Fire Brigade.  I hope our residents and the wider local community will feel reassured by these types of exercises. Training opportunities like this will help save lives in the future."

Tony Andrews, Emergency Planning Manager at Westminster City Council, said: "Westminster very much welcomes activities such as this by housing providers in the borough. We were pleased to take part and support the event, which was very useful in planning for a major incident involving the emergency services.

'I would be happy to meet other housing providers in Westminster' 

"Peabody and Westminster City Council often work together on major projects, such as planning for the 2012 Olympics and the visit of the Pope in 2010. We have a very positive relationship and I am impressed by Peabody’s proactive approach to assessing their emergency procedures.  I would be very happy to meet with any other housing providers in Westminster to review the ways in which they could cooperate with emergency services and the Council to support their residents in a major incident. I can be contacted on"

Andrew Chandler, City of Westminster Borough Commander, London Fire Brigade, said: "The LFB welcomed the opportunity to work with Peabody and other partners on the exercise at the Tachbrook estate.

"It is important to practice these emergency procedures to identify any areas that require improvement. With the volume of high rise properties in Westminster these type of exercises are one of our priorities in the borough."