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Consultation and collaboration on one of our Westminster estates.

Duval Court launched its Neighbourhood Charter this week. Residents attended an evening launch event to discuss how the Charter will work and how it will affect them.

Duval Court is a small block in Westminster with 28 flats and it is the first standalone block to have a Neighbourhood Charter. Previously Neighbourhood Charters have covered whole estates ranging from 100 to 1300 properties.

Duval charter

A unique Charter: Alyson Howell, Michael Haynes and Denise Hosking worked with residents to find out their priorities

Alyson Howell, Chair of the residents association said: "It was good to thrash out an action plan with the residents that attended. I am looking forward to seeing how the Charter works for us in the future as we are the first small block that has agreed to it."

Residents identified four charter priority areas: Security, Antisocial Behaviour, Community Involvement and Parking. An action plan was discussed and at the next charter meeting in September progress will be discussed.

Michael Haynes, Neighbourhood Manager said: "It was good to see so many Duval Court residents engaging with the Charter. It is expected to bring about more improvements to security and other priority areas identified by the residents." 

Denise Hosking, Secretary of the residents association said: "It is good to know that Peabody is committed to working with residents to identify and resolve local and neighbourhood priorities."