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Tips on reducing your fuel bills and energy usage.

Each week, our sustainability team will share energy-saving tips that can help you save money.

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The thermostat controls the maximum temperature in your home. It might look like a round dial attached to the wall, or a digital read-out if you have a newer boiler. 

If your property is always very warm, and the boiler on constantly, you might find the thermostat is set very high, which means your energy bills, and energy usage, is also very high. 

We recommend 21°C to maintain a warm home at a reasonable price. When the room reaches the required temperature, the thermostat automatically turns off your heating.

Free advice 

If you’re unsure where your thermostat is or how to set it, contact our home energy advice service. Professionally trained by Peabody, these energy-saving experts can visit you in your home and advise you how to reduce your fuel bills and save energy.