Parked cars on side of road

How to apply for resident or visitor parking permits and how to rent a garage in London from us.

Where a permit-based system is enforced, payment for a permit allows the permit holder to park in parking areas, where space is available, on a first come first served basis. It does not give priority to a specific parking space.

Where a licence based system is enforced, we will require a licence agreement to be signed before allowing someone to park in an allocated parking space.”

A permit must be clearly displayed at all times, and, if applicable, a valid local authority disabled badge (please note: scooters, mopeds and motorbikes do not need to display these).

Unauthorised vehicles will be subject to Parking Charge Notices (PCNs).

How to apply

There are three stages:

  1. Apply for a parking permit
    Please contact your Neighbourhood Manager or our Customer Service team
  2. Proof of residence and vehicle ownership
    Your Neighbourhood Manager will arrange a home visit to complete the Licence Agreement application and Direct Debit form. They'll also request and make photocopies of the supporting documents.
  3. Receiving your parking permit
    Once your application is accepted, you will be issued with a parking bay number and a permit will be posted to your address. If a parking bay is unavailable, you will be put on a waiting list until one becomes available.

Disabled parking
Disabled drivers with a valid blue disabled badge from their local authority are entitled to a free space. If there is a waiting list, disabled residents go to the top when they apply.

Visitors' permits
Visitors' permits are available in booklets of 10 and any resident can apply for them, as long as you're not more than four weeks in arrears. You must also have maintained a payment plan for at least 12 weeks.

Renewing your permit
You can renew your parking permit a month before it expires. Please contact contact us

Updating your vehicle details
If any of your details have changed, please contact us. You will be issued a temporary parking dispensation while the evidence of owning your new vehicle is processed.

What happens if I am in arrears?
If you get into more than four weeks of arrears with your rent or with your parking bay or garage account, we may withdraw your permit. 


Garages are available to rent on some estates. Demand for garages exceeds supply, but you'll be added to the waiting list and offered a space when your name gets to the top.

For more information please contact us.

Parking a larger vehicle

If you want to park a vehicle other than a car – such as a van, caravan, lorry, trailer or boat – please contact our Customer Service team who will get in touch with your neighbourhood manager to request written permission.

Please note: Your vehicle must be roadworthy and not be a health and safety risk or cause a public nuisance. Also, you must not carry out repairs to any vehicle on Peabody land that could cause a nuisance or damage property.

Download Peabody's parking policy (pdf, 368kb)