How to use our noticeboards

Your local noticeboard contains information about what’s going on near you, including news about events and activities as well as service updates from us at Peabody. You can also submit your own posts if there’s something you’d like to share with your local community.

To help you make the best use of the noticeboard, please read these guidelines, to understand the types of notices that will be displayed.

Examples of posts you can submit here are:

  • An event that’s happening on the estate or neighbourhood
  • Information about tenants and residents association meetings
  • Promoting an initiative that you are involved in
  • You’ve lost or found an item

If you want to tell us about something outside the categories listed above, or you have a complaint about an aspect of our services or you want to pass on a compliment, please get in touch via our contact page.

We moderate everything that is submitted. Once we’ve had a chance to do this, you can expect to see your post, if approved, on the noticeboard within three working days.

Please note that the editorial staff of Peabody Group oversee, administer and moderate this noticeboard in accordance with their editorial policies. However, due to the social nature of this site, Peabody Group cannot be held accountable for accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the content on this noticeboard or on comments submitted elsewhere on the website.

Please note too that any views expressed on our noticeboards are not those of the Peabody Group but are those of the individuals posting.