How we can make a difference by working together

We want to ensure that you - our residents - are fully satisfied with your neighbourhood.

By co-ordinating our approach and by working with internal and external partners, we really believe that we can make a difference. Plus, it means you’ll also be more aware of other local and national organisations which can provide additional services and support.


What is a neighbourhood charter?

Essentially, it's our commitment to work with you to identify and resolve your local priorities.

We’ll also work in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to improve services, gain support for local initiatives, and give you a voice in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood charters also address other concerns, such as maintaining tenancies, the condition of estates and open spaces, support with training, employment, and welfare advice as well as making the community a cleaner and safer place to live.

Creating your neighbourhood charter

Initially, we’ll identify your key priorities through a range of activities including surveys, community fun days and focus groups. This feedback will help us to shape each charter.

Your neighbourhood manager will then work with you to draw up a list of relevant key public, private and voluntary sector organisations, depending on what issues and priorities have been identified.

This list is likely to include:

  • Local businesses
  • Resident associations and monitoring groups
  • Local authorities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Youth groups
  • Elected members (MPs and Cllrs)
  • Doctors and health centres
  • Employment and training services and welfare support
  • Police (safer neighbourhood team, crime prevention)

How will the charter be monitored?

Resident associations or focus group members will meet regularly with neighbourhood managers and other stakeholders to develop and agree an action plan with short, medium and long-term targets to tackle the neighbourhood priorities that have been highlighted.

The action plan will also identify who will be responsible for various tasks and monitor progress against set targets.

We’ll place periodic updates on this website as well as including information on noticeboards and in bulletins. There will also be an annual review to assess the impact the Neighbourhood Charter has had.

Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to join the group that monitors the charter’s progress, please contact your neighbourhood manager. You can access him or her via our customer service centre.