Many of our staff are out and about, working in our neighbourhoods. Here’s an insight into some of their roles.

Neighbourhood managers

Each of our estates/neighbourhoods has a neighbourhood manager. You'll find their details if you search for your estate on the neighbourhoods page

Estate walkabouts and inspections

Neighbourhood managers carry out regular estate inspections or walkabouts, to ensure estates maintained and cleaned to the required standard.

You can join these at any time. Please check your estate's neighbourhood page for dates and times.

Neighbourhood managers also:

  • Undertake regular Health and Safety inspections to make sure the estate is safe and complies with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Carry out tenancy audits covering 10% of their area each year. This ensures we have up-to-date records of all household members. It also highlights illegal subletting, abandoned properties, and checks that residents are ok.
  • Deal with all tenancy-related issues such as referral to support groups, mutual exchange and successions.
  • Carry out tenancy reviews and welcome visits to all new tenants to help them settle in to their new home and give them information on the estate.
  • Promote and lead on partnership working opportunities, Estate Controlled Improved bids and Estate Security Improvement bids and new involvement opportunities for residents, such as tenant’s associations where they can get involved in shaping and influencing services for their local neighbourhood.
  • Work with safer neighbourhood teams and external agencies to ensure safety of the estates.
  • Tackle low-level antisocial behaviour on the estate.
  • Work with specialist cleaning caretaking teams to ensure the estates are clean.
  • Manage and let parking bays, stores and garages.
  • Monitor checks carried out by our surveyors on communal repairs completed by contractors.
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Environment caretakers

Our team of environment caretakers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining communal areas on your estates. Their tasks include:

  • cleaning communal areas inside and outside Peabody buildings
  • clearing rubbish  
  • carrying out communal maintenance tasks such as replacing light bulbs  
  • removing graffiti
  • dealing with bulk rubbish

They also keep an eye on play areas and will alert the appropriate teams if they spot an issue.

They don’t generally carry out repair themselves, however. You can report repairs online or tell us.

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