A Peabody caretaker

Helping our residents to live independently

We can install a range of aids and adaptations to help you in your home. These installations can range from handrails or easier-to-use lever taps, to level access showers or stairlifts.  If needed, we can even make structural alterations or supply equipment that is fixed in place.  

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible, or want to know more, please call our customer service.

Contact our customer service


Minor adaptations can usually be organised within a relatively short time. We may have to request part-funding from the relevant local authority for larger items – these may also take slightly longer. Portable equipment such as raised toilet or bath seats is usually supplied by the health authority or social services.

To request an aids and adaptations application form, please contact our customer service. If we are not able to carry out your request for any reason, we will tell you why.

How to apply

Anyone can apply but in order for us to approve requests for major works you must be referred by:

  • an occupational therapist
  • a hospital or clinic doctor (not your GP)
  • another specialist such as an RNIB or HIV/AIDS case worker

If your form does not have one of these specialist referrals, we will ask you to phone your local authority's occupational therapy department (in the social services) to ask them to carry out an assessment of your needs. If you are not able to carry out the assessment over the phone, we can send you a questionnaire or an occupational therapist will visit you.

When you are applying for aids and adaptations, we will ensure that you are kept informed of progress.