Landscaped area showing trees and plants

All about our landscape and gardening services

Our landscape strategy

Our landscape assets cover more than 100 hectares of land and are made up of communal grounds and gardens on more than 100 estates. These include:

  • two sites of nature conservation
  • 10,000 trees (approximately)
  • green roofs
  • a woodland
  • meadows with ancient hedgerows

We work to manage and improve our landscape areas and put local, national and regional policies for green spaces into practice. Working with a number of partners such as the Greater London Authority, London Wildlife Trust, Groundwork Trust and London Tree Officers Association, we are developing a number of strategies. These include an open spaces strategy, tree strategy, tree inspection contract, tree maintenance contract and play strategy. All these underpin the service we deliver and help us to identify priorities for improvement.

Our landscape management

We recognise that well-maintained open spaces create a great sense of community, health and wellbeing while also promoting a safe space for play, recreation and relaxation. We provide attractive and well-maintained amenity space which looks great and makes a significant contribution to the landscape of London and our many communities.

We employ an external contractor, Ginkgo Landscapes, to deliver our landscape services across 160 locations. The contract was awarded in October 2012 and will run for a minimum of three years with a possible extension of two years following a review of performance. The core tasks Ginkgo provides include:

  • grass-cutting
  • hedgerow maintenance
  • shrub, herbaceous border and hard surface maintenance
  • supplies of hanging baskets and bedding schemes which are changed twice each year

Tree management

We are enthusiastic about the 8,500 trees within our communities and the benefits they bring to our environment. In looking after them, we balance the views of our residents, the environmental and aesthetic benefits of trees with the provision of a safe and enjoyable environment.

Tree surveys
We survey our trees every three years and these are completed in three phases, all during the growing season to determine the trees’ health and the required maintenance for the coming year. We do this in liaison with a number of contractors (we’re currently working to procure contracts for tree inspections and tree maintenance).

All requests for tree work should be directed to the landscape services manager on 0800 022 4040 (free from landlines) or 020 7021 4444.

  • Emergency tree work will usually be addressed within 24 hours depending on the circumstances
In an emergency contact Peabody Direct

The IMPROVE programme

IMPROVE was formed in 2007 to address the overall condition of estates which had fallen below desired standards. The condition of external areas were surveyed and over 30 estates were identified as falling below these standards. Funding was secured for the wholesale refurbishment of all external areas over a number of years. 

This programme complements our Quality Homes, play refurbishment and other programmes that seek to continually maintain the high standards of our residents’ living environments.

Estates that have been transformed by IMPROVE to date include Clyde Road, North Row, Barnwell House, Rosendale, and Pellipar Gardens.

Learn more about our Improve programme

Play spaces

By providing high-quality positive play spaces we believe that we can bring children, young people and residents a number of benefits, including improved physical health and fitness, creativity and learning, respect for others and social cohesion.

We currently have play spaces on 42 estates: these consist of 20 Multi-use Games Areas (MUGAs) and 59 spaces containing play equipment.

Our caretaking service carry out regular inspections of our play spaces every week. In addition a specialist independent inspection company carry out more detailed inspections four times during each year.

We employ an external contractor, Safeplay Playgrounds Maintenance Services Ltd, to undertake maintenance of our play spaces.

We have assessed all play spaces and are currently consulting children and young people on the quality and play value provided. This work will inform future plans for refurbishments and also assist with identifying deficiencies and locations for new provision.

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