Fish Island in Hackney

Peabody choose architects who employ thoughtful design in their housing projects. Here are the design ideas for Fish Island Village.

Peabody, along with architects Haworth Tompkins and Pitman Tozer aim to make the development at Fish Island relevant to the area it sits in and a beautiful, practical place to live and work in.

A representative of Pitman Tozer said "...we have developed a sympathetic mixed use scheme that provides a much-needed mix of affordable housing and affordable workspace, and builds upon the character of its industrial context.

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It picks up on the existing and emerging grain of Fish Island to create a simple, civilised urban design with an appropriate language to its setting."

Contributing to the area

Lyndon Goode are the architects who will deliver the design for Block A, and their Project Architect Amy Corrigan said: "We look to develop the design of our projects based on an intimate understanding of context.

“At Fish Island, we are hoping to harness the characteristics that contribute to the area’s vibrancy, creating something playful and unique”.

Key design elements

The approaches our architects take are:

  • Designing in a way that incorporates Peabody’s tradition of building timeless, robust buildings.
  • Reflecting the traditional industrial architecture that gave Fish Island its unique identity.

  • Building a series of separate buildings, with each having its own distinctive colour, texture and details.
  • Providing landscaping that gives plenty of open spaces, trees and play areas and that opens up the canal edge.
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