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The questions that crop up most often for those applying for a home through the key worker Regency scheme.

Who can register for the Regency key worker scheme? Can anyone apply?

New applicants (and applicants who are transferring) must meet our current criteria to be eligible.

In order to qualify applicants must:

  • Be a key worker whose employer has nomination rights (key workers must provide a headed letter from their employers confirming their key worker status).
  • Be a Peabody tenant from a Regency Portfolio estate whose transfer request has been accepted.
  • Have permanent leave to reside in the UK (a copy of your documents confirming this must be included with your application).

Everyone accepted onto the scheme will be given a unique reference number which includes a registration date.

If your application is refused, we will be happy to discuss this decision and alternative housing options.

How can I bid for vacant properties?

Every fortnight a newsletter called 'Property Choice' will be sent to everyone registered on the scheme. This newsletter will contain details of all our vacant properties as well as information about rent and location.

It will also contain contact details so you can make an appointment to view properties – please note that you must view a property in order to bid for it.

How are properties allocated?

When more than one bid is received for an advertised property, it will be offered to the person who has the earliest registration date.

The results of the 'bidding round' will be published in Property Choice so that everyone can see how each property has been let.

How do I 'bid' for properties that I like?

There will be links on the Property Choice newsletter (you can also log in to the homepage).  When you log in, you will be asked to provide information including your Regency key worker scheme reference number.

Can I bid for any property?

You can only bid for properties suitable for the size of your household. This will be confirmed when your application is registered.

How will I know if I have been successful with my bid for a property?

When the deadline has passed, the applicant who has the earliest registration date will be offered the property, providing the lettings criteria have been met.

Am I guaranteed to get the property I bid for?

No. If the property in question is in a popular location or has a garden, for example, it will attract a larger number of bids. Offers will be made strictly on the basis of the date of registration so you will only be successful if you have the earliest registration date of those who have bid for the property and meet the lettings criteria.

How will I know that the bidding has been conducted fairly?

You will be able to see the result of the bidding in the subsequent edition of Property Choice. We will include the registration date (although not the name) of the successful bid so you will be able see that the process has been fairly managed.

What happens if I decide to turn down an offer?

We expect anyone who bids for a property to accept the tenancy. If your bid is successful and you change your mind, your registration date will be amended to the date of the refusal, taking away your advantage in future bidding rounds.

How long does my registration on the waiting list last for?

Your registration is valid for 12 months. You will be notified via email when your registration is due to expire. On receipt of this email you will have to confirm that you wish to remain on the waiting list by emailing You will also have to notify Peabody if there are any changes to your personal details.

If your registration has expired for more than a month your application will be cancelled and you will have to re-apply for inclusion onto the scheme.

It is very important that you email us at when any of your contact or personal details change. We can then amend our records to ensure that you can continue bidding for properties.