Sheltered or supported housing
We have a limited number of homes available for older people. You may wish to register with your local authority to increase your chances of finding a new home.

Below is a list, by borough, of all Peabody older people and supported homes. It includes the age at which you become eligible.

Area Age
Palmer estate, N19 60+
Whitecross estate, EC1 60+
Kensington and Chelsea  
Dalgarno Gardens, W10 60+
Vanguard Street, SE8 60+
Darwin Court, SE17 50+
Lomand House, SE5 60+
Elmwood Road, SW11 60+
Davey's Court, WC2 60+
Ebury estate, SW1 60+
Walston & Founders, SW1 60+


Applications for sheltered, older people’s housing will be assessed using our Needs Assessment Framework and placed into band F, where those in F1 have the highest priority.

 301-500 points F1
 150-300 points F2
 0-149 points F3


Where a resident is assessed for older persons’ housing and their needs/risk assessment score is higher than 500, they will not be eligible for older persons’ housing because the nature of the housing will not provide adequate support to the resident. In these cases, support officers will work with the resident to identify alternative options for re-housing.

Residents are expected to agree to an appropriate support provision throughout the tenancy in schemes where a supporting person funding is present.

Find out how to apply for a priority transfer here.

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