We’re committed to supporting our young people in making the most of their opportunities. As a part of this, we are involved in various programmes to support young people.

These programmes include:


Youth projects

The Youth Service service in Waltham Forest works with our communities to support young people's personal and social development.  We help provide opportunities for children and young people to engage in activities that are challenging, but also enjoyable and fun.

The service is concerned with:

  • Local participation and involvement
  • Social inclusion and social exclusion
  • Area regeneration
  • Improving service delivery

Our main focus is to support children and young people in developing the skills that will help them shape their own future.

All of our youth projects are developed in consultation with young people.  We work to develop projects that will use local facilities to support activities that young people are interested in, such as:

  • Football teams
  • Youth clubs
  • Drama groups

Here are the opening times for our youth clubs:

  • Monday, 6pm–8pm, Chingford Paradox
  • Tuesday, 6pm–8pm, Leytonstone Epi-Centre
  • Wednesday, (5pm–6pm: Homework support) 6pm–8pm, Chingford Paradox
  • Thursday, 5pm–7pm, Leyton Score Pavilion
  • Friday, 6pm–8pm, Chingford Paradox
  • Friday, 5pm–7pm, Walthamstow DLC

Training and employment support


Youth engagement at Waltham Forest supports young people in finding training, work experience and employment.  They provide advice form the beginning to the end of the process. 

To get in touch with the team call 020 7922 8500.

After school clubs

The Sports and Leisure Consultancy run after-school clubs in our areas.  Some of the activities on offer in these clubs include:

  • Physical education — specialist coaching in line with the national curriculum
  • Team building — programmes to help young people develop these skills
  • Social development — supported through sports and negotiation skills

We have also provided funding to other local groups to extend existing youth provisions for children of all ages, including nursery groups.

Holiday programmes

We fund and organise activity programmes throughout all of the main school holidays. These schemes cover lots of great activities, including:

  • Adventure park visits
  • Outward bound and camping trips
  • Physical activities, such as sports coaching

We want as many our children and young people to get involved with these activities, in order to promote working together, respect for others and self worth.

Our schemes involve both paid employees and volunteers. We have found these schemes give our volunteers work experience that is very valuable in securing paid employment.  Of course, all staff – paid and volunteers – go through a strict checking process to make sure they are suitable to work with young people.