Two boys learning how to use audio equipment

Raising awareness of how boys talk to girls.

Oii My Size

Oii My Size is an award-winning youth-led campaign promoting positive interaction between young people.

It addresses the intimidating and unacceptable manner in which some young men communicate with young women, both in person and online.

It also aims to highlight the dangers, consequences and legalities of "sexting" and sharing sexual content online. 

Other features include:

  • "What-if" scenarios about sending and sharing intimate photos (known as "sexting")
  • Advice for "boys, when you start chatting to a girl"
  • A short film featuring young people in a difficult situation
  • Videos inviting votes on chat-up lines 

Award winning

Oii My Size took first place in the Nominet Internet Awards, beating three other finalists including the BBC, and has recently been nominated for a UK Sexual Health Award.

The NSPCC highlighted the campaign as an example of good practice, and work is progressing to develop the Oii My Size app.

The young women leading Oii My Size worked closely with our Community Safety Team to develop "What is normal?", a page raising awareness about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Setting the agenda

They have now presented their campaign to over 3,000 young people, including housing and anti-social behaviour experts, emphasising the importance of youth-led projects.  

And they've gained Arts Awards and Level 1 OCN Project Management for their work.

The website and app are being used to design and pilot a new Sex and Relationship Education resource to feed into the national curriculum as part of PSHE lessons.

Using new technology to address these issues that have been nationally highlighted as requiring an urgent new approach, that is designed to support and meet the needs and requirements of modern, digitally connected students.

What does Oii My Size mean?
"Oii my size" is a phrase used, often shouted, by boys when they want to attract a girl's attention (the equivalent of a verbal "wolf-whistle").