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What are the benefits of volunteering with Peabody? Read our volunteer's story.

Soufiane, what made you interested in volunteering with Peabody?

I wanted to build a career where I could get out of bed knowing I was somewhere that made a positive change in people’s lives.

I thought that considering housing was the best option because it is the biggest social issue facing London today.

So I got in touch with Peabody who found me a position with the Community Safety Team

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What was your experience of being a volunteer?

I was mostly involved in support work for the mediation team. Routine admin tasks, but it did give me an understanding of daily life in a large organisation, and sometimes it’s good to start from the bottom to help you develop that perspective of an organisation and gain that view of how every nook and cranny works.

I found that the best aspect of volunteering at Peabody was the people; the CST mediation team were friendly and welcoming, while my supervisor and line manager did an amazing job of making me feel valued and respected.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with Peabody?

Go for it, it’s an organisation that places a lot of emphasis on building people up both professionally and personally, you’ll get on great with the people and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to train yourself up and progress if you do get the job.

And having some volunteering work with a large organisation like Peabody is always going to look good on your CV anyway.

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