This year, we worked with partners, including the Leaders Community, to engage over 100 young people in activities such as dance and performing arts.

266 young volunteers (some as young as 10) have been involved in organising, supporting and managing a variety of events for the local community.

They’ve organised 45 different projects, benefitting 1,480 community members. Projects ranged from charity fundraisers to political engagement events, community fun days to sports leadership programmes, jewellery making to photography workshops, and intergenerational activities to health and wellbeing sessions.


In Waltham Forest, in partnership with organisations such as the Leaders Community, we’ve also engaged over 100 young people in dance and performing arts. The volunteers ran workshops and received training to become dance and drama coaches in schools and other locations across Waltham forest.

We know that volunteering helps young people to succeed. Seven young people secured a job or apprenticeship, six developed their own business and 170 young people gained an accreditation. Opportunities like these support personal development, benefit society through creating desirable neighbourhoods and promote community cohesion.

This year, we worked collaboratively with our Young People’s Services team to celebrate the work of more than 120 individual young volunteers at our annual Volunteer Awards celebration.

Ellie Mclean Ellie Mclean won this year’s Peabody Dynamic Young Leader Award
Ellie is a 25-year-old Peabody resident with a passion for developing and growing her community. She started and supported several local initiatives, including co-organising a community fun day on her estate and starting a weekly litter collection.

As well as serving Peabody youth throughout London as part of the Peabody Youth Board, she also volunteers her time to round up young people to take part in community activities and offers free massage sessions to older people on her estate. Ellie has a passion for enriching the lives of people in her community through acts of service. She is the youngest member of the West Dulwich Tenants Association giving a voice for young people living in her community.

Ellie said: “I think the regeneration happening around Herne Hill is making things more expensive. So, all the events we organise are for the community; it’s a way for people to have a nice day without spending a lot of money. Plenty of people come along, including a lot of families, and sit with others, talk and interact with each other.”