Our 71 Net Worx volunteers provided one-to-one support across 17 centres to over 1,378 Londoners, helping them to develop their digital skills.

Net Worx is a volunteer-led programme designed to teach our residents how to survive in an increasingly digital world. Over 1000 people came along to our free two hour weekly sessions during 2016/17. Many of them had never used a computer and found themselves in a position where they needed to acquire digital skills to apply for jobs and welfare benefits or to simply reach out to friends or family.


If you'd like to join our free computer training sessions, click here to find out more.

Thanks to our Net Worx volunteers, hundreds of people now feel more confident using computers and the internet, and have adjusted to doing things digitally.

Networx_what people learnt

67-year-old Robert Macintosh, who attends our weekly sessions at the Sundial Centre, said: “There aren’t many programmes like Net Worx for residents within the community to learn about improving their computer skills. Net Worx was a great opportunity for someone like me to gain the computer skills I needed. I wasn’t confident using the computer. I’ve learnt how to type Word documents and shop online.

Thanks to Net Worx, I’ve also learnt how to search for information on the internet - being able to make reservation and hotel bookings. This has been a great achievement for me. If it wasn’t for the Net Worx project, I’d feel like I was locked in a cave as I wouldn’t have been exposed to learning more about the computer and the internet.”


Rosemarie Valeza, one of our Net Worx volunteers, said: “When my family and I moved to London last year, I wanted to expand my network and make my time more productive and useful. Through volunteering with Net Worx, I found my self-worth and felt a sense of belonging with my Net Worx team.

I know in my own small way, I can make a difference in our community by providing IT assistance to those who are in need.”


If you'd like to join our free computer training sessions, click here to find out more.