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"I plan to keep in touch with at least two them and pop over for a catch-up and a cuppa (or whisky for that matter!)"

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Rosie on a befriending visit with Marje

Rosie Swanson is a member of Peabody's marketing team and she's a keen volunteer. As well as taking part in our befriending scheme "Well Met", she took part in this year's Winter Warmer visits.

This is Rosie's story...

Rosie the Befriender

I am a Befriender through Peabody’s wonderful Well Met scheme and visit 87-year old Marje, a fairly isolated Peabody resident who lives in Southwark, once a week.

We both get lots out of these visits and I genuinely look forward to popping over for a giggle each week.

As well as elderly residents getting the chance to talk about any practical issues with their homes, seeing a friendly face and having some conversation on a regular basis can make all the difference.  

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Rosie the Winter Warmer

My Winter Warmers experience was dominated by two individuals.

Both are life-long East-Londoners, both are Peabody residents and both are independent women, but that's where the comparisons end...

Judith at 92 is witty and light-hearted and keeps youthful with a love of whisky, cigarettes and good music. She showed us her extensive hand-made compilation CDs and was in the middle of making a playlist on Spotify when we arrived.

Alice, on the other hand, is the warm, motherly 76-year old kept strong by her large loving family, local church and beautiful home. She was surprised and overjoyed when I commented on her lemony-fresh smelling home, after losing her sense of smell after a recent stroke.

Both Alice and Judith had recently overcome a death of a loved one and the people they shared their homes with for many years; a much loved sister and husband respectively.

Meeting these two women and another eight local residents in a tight-knit community in Mile End in November this year was about much more than running through a checklist and ticking boxes.

Winter Warmers for me was about spending some quality time getting to know these inspiring, positive, yet at times lonely Peabody residents.

I plan to keep in touch with at least two them and pop over for a catch-up and a cuppa (or whisky for that matter!)

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