Outreach at Peabody

Benien Issa joined our Outreach team during June to gain work experience. She talks about her experiences.

Outreach case studyBenien, above right, with Peabody mentor Sharmila

"My name is Benien Issa and I was appointed to the Outreach team for work experience in June this year.  I was welcomed by my three great mentors, Sharmila, Joseph and Sharon, who  told me that it would be very different and an experience outside my comfort zone.

"On the following day, I was scheduled to do some door-knocking. Extremely apprehensive and anxious, Sharmilla and I knocked on residents’ doors enquiring whether they needed support or whether they have any issues regarding their properties.

"Surprisingly, nearly everyone needed assistance in some sort of way which was later documented and presented on a spreadsheet. One resident told us that his house was in a "terrible state" and invited us into his home. He described the current situation. We later forwarded details regarding his situation to the Neighbourhood Manager."

What else did you do?

"Throughout the course of my work experience I interviewed a range of colleagues including neighbourhood managers. I found out how a community centre really works, about events and projects and how Threads benefits the local community. I also learned about projects like Young Leaders in which you could get to go to America.

"In the middle of my work experience I began to create social mapping for areas in Tower Hamlets and Silvertown; these are going to be used by Peabody. Social mapping aids new and previous residents, telling them where the key establishments are: schools, nursery and community centres. 

"To conclude my one-week-long work experience I made a presentation to my fellow mentors and colleagues. Titled "How can the Thamesmead Project be Successful?". I introduced new solutions and organised processes such as an efficient pre-employment Flowchart.   I attended meetings and found out more about the Thamesmead project."

What have you learned?

"I have learnt how to adapt to new roles and jobs and have gained new skills, like how to build and lead a creative team to a successful and reachable goal.

"I highly recommended work experience to show schools, universities and institutes how to work in a big business."