Outreach at Peabody

Our Outreach team helps residents find employment and training, provides assistance on a wide range of issues, on your doorstep.

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Outreach: an activity of providing services to people who might not otherwise have access to those services. (Wikipedia)

What our Outreach team does

We bring help and support to Peabody residents, wherever you live or spend time. If you, or someone you know, isn't sure where to get the information you need, we'll provide it.

Where you'll see us

We'll be visiting your neighbourhood, knocking on doors and offering assistance where it's needed. 

What you might need from us

  • One-to-one advice on employment and training from our employment broker.
  • Advice on volunteering, either as a stepping stone towards employment or as a personal interest.
  • Information on Peabody services available to you. Youth clubs, tenants and residents associations and befriending, for example.
  • Help in contacting external service providers. Your local council, for example.

How you can contact us

  • We'll be posting notices with contact details on community noticeboards and you'll see us around - just say hello!
  • Pop along to one of our informal coffee mornings - we'll be holding them once a month (details of dates to follow).