Knitting samples by Golden Girls

The Golden Girls can be found knitting at the Sundial Centre, Bethnal Green.

Come along and knit, or browse some of their merchandise! Hand-knitted items available for sale include:

  • shawls
  • baby clothes
  • kids' hats
  • kids' jumpers
  • blankets

All proceeds go towards funding activities at the Sundial Centre

Join the Golden Girls

Weekly knitting sessions take place Wednesdays, 1pm–3pm. Wool and needles supplied (if you're knitting items for the Sundial Centre to sell).

Book the Golden Girls

The Golden Girls are available to come with their products to your event or community centre. 

Donate tools and accessories to the Golden Girls

If you have any spare wool or knitting needles, the Golden Girls would love to hear from you!

Contact the Golden Girls