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How an Activate London-supported project is tackling isolation among older people

Rob has set up a history project at our Hugh Cubitt Centre, Collier Street, inviting local people to reminisce about earlier times and using the interviews to encourage them to participate in other activities at the community centre and in the local area.

Front of Hugh Cubitt
The Hugh Cubitt Centre is 10 minutes' walk from King's Cross station

The project has attracted the interest of the Islington Archaeology and History Society.

He has visited the Rosendale Road Estate in Herne Hill to give advice on setting up a history project and widened the scope of his interviews to Whitecross Street and Greenman Street estates. 

“Sharing stories and making time to talk to people is really beneficial for a person’s mental wellbeing”, says Rob "There are a lot of elderly people who are really very isolated and can go days without talking to another human being. I hope this project brings them out of their isolation and into contact with others, thereby improving their quality of life.” 

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