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One teenager's journey from unemployment to apprenticeship.

Through an ongoing relationship with Transport for London (TfL), our Employment and Training team received information about an apprenticeship opportunity with TfL's track maintenance company, Cleshar.

An opportunity

We contacted a local community group to ask if they knew any suitable candidates, and they nominated Rayon, 19, with no work history and unsure of his future. Having spent the previous two years at home hanging around with friends and relying on his mother for money, Rayon recognised this as a great opportunity to improve his future.

Members of our Employment and Training Team met Rayon, reviewed his CV and identified that he needed to "sell" his skills more effectively. Together they created a new CV, adding other duties and skills to emphasise and accentuate his experience and abilities, and he was coached to improve his interview technique.

The process

Rayon then attended a three-day pre-employment course, which included a five-minute presentation to TfL. He completed an application form and was invited to undertake a formal job interview, literacy and numeracy assessments, one-day work trial and Lucas track safety test. 

Rayon was successful in passing all elements of the recruitment process. However, to start the apprenticeship Rayon needed to pass a CSCS construction safety test which we agreed to finance.  

Building confidence

Rayon appreciates the support he received, and says: “Peabody’s support has been excellent — very supportive, and I’m very grateful they gave me this opportunity. There should be more of these opportunities for young people.” 

Rayon is very happy in his new job and pleased that he took his time to revise for the tests. This has built up his confidence and he was very proud that he passed first time. “This experience has meant everything to me, and it shown me how serious I can be when I put my mind to it.”