People at an IT training session in London

Owen, 80, has shared a Peabody home with his brother for over 20 years. His enthusiasm shines through and he has a love of knowledge and sharing information.

OwenAfter getting his first camera at 17 years old, Owen became a professional photographer. He worked for Lambeth College until 2007, and was no stranger to technology. “I knew a fair bit about computers and technology, but I have always felt you can learn more,” he says.

“I first came across Net Worx free computer training sessions two years ago. It was incredibly convenient for me and everybody there was very friendly and helpful. Everyone was given personal attention. Net Worx takes an interest in individuals and helps them with their needs.

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Learning for all

“Some people are faster learners than others, but people can learn at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if you have forgotten something, the tutors show you again and explain clearly and patiently.”

Owen is a more advanced learner, and often passes on his knowledge to other learners. “I have taught other learners, especially about using cameras. I am happy when I can show people new things.”

The social side 

But he has also learnt a lot himself. “I had an Apple computer, but I wasn’t sure about what it could do. Through the Net Worx project I have learnt about so many new functions and programs with it.

“I have also been able to meet intelligent and interesting people from other countries too. For me the project has been great. I love learning and think everyone should be free to learn as much as possible. I am so grateful to [project leader] Jeanette and all the volunteers who have helped us.”

Find out more about our free IT training course Net Worx