People at an IT training session in London

When a resident first heard about Net Worx, she wasn’t sure what to expect...

Joan, in her sixties, went to the first-ever Net Worx session. Initially reluctant to go, she changed her mind after thinking: “If I go down there and I don’t like it I won’t have lost anything. You can feel quite negative about things until you actually try them.”

And soon, negativity turned to positivity. 

“Our first volunteer, Emily, was fantastic. She was patient, enthusiastic and a great teacher. After a short while I was hooked. I started to see the internet in a new light.

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The power of Google

“There is so much information on the internet. I can find out about anything: history, geography, health, food recipes… I love cinema and before I could use the internet I had to pay to phone up and find out when films were on, or travel there on the bus to get the information. Now I can do it in seconds for free! I am amazed at the Google search engine.

“I have learnt to use emails thanks to the project. I am very interested in conservation, and it has allowed me to join and keep in touch with the conservation group "A Rocha". I joined online and they email me videos and information.”

Gaining knowledge

The project hasn’t been perfect, though. “There have been quite a few different volunteers and some are better at explaining things than others.”

Despite this, Joan is very positive about her experiences. “It’s opened up doors for me. It’s given me a different insight too and I’ve learnt a lot about things I would never have known about.”

And her next step? “I’m going to go shopping — online of course.”