People at an IT training session in London

Daisy was already volunteering in community work when she saw a Net Worx leaflet...


Daisy became a fully fledged Net Worx volunteer in 2011. (Free computer training sessions).

Volunteering is clearly something that gives her a sense of pride, and she feels “it’s good to be able to help people in the community.”

What were her first impressions of Net Worx?

“A bit daunting in some ways! The students are mature adults, each person has their own specific interests, sometimes they don’t want to do things and you can’t force them.

"I wanted to take one of the learners through MS Word, but they had no interest in it. They were very keen to learn how to use Facebook and search for information about food and holidays, so that’s what I helped them learn.”

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How has Net Worx helped her?

“After retiring in 2007, I felt there was a danger that I would lose some of the skills that I had acquired. The learners ask questions about a whole range of computer-based issues, and it ensures I am always being challenged. Recently I was asked about the different kinds of anti-virus software that were available and I found that really tested me!

“It has given me a sense of structure. I have to be at a certain place at a certain time, and it ensures that I get out of the house. Being involved out in the community means when I get back home after IT tutoring I’m more appreciative of a rest!”

The whole experience has been a learning process. At the start the students were more nervous and cautious, but now she is proud that some of the students have been able to become increasingly independent. “They can log in when we are not there, and have been independently learning too.”

What would she like to change about the project?

After mulling over the question, she decides: “I would probably have classes in a location where students have to mix with others that they don’t already know.”

She believes that the support is there for people who sometimes struggle with technology, but it only goes so far. “There are quite a few courses available from local authorities, but there are certain aspects of technology that are difficult to learn. Every person has different needs, so they really need individually tailored support. This is the kind of support that is quite difficult to get.”

This is where Net Worx can help, as it enables individuals to get friendly, helpful advice about their specific IT needs.

Find out more about our free IT training course Net Worx