People at an IT training session in London

"I can learn at my own pace and get help when I need it.”

Barry, 77, is a Net Worx learner and Peabody resident.

He was a late starter to the world of computers, although he did learn to touch type with a typewriter in the 1950s.


In 2011 he saw a Net Worx advert in Engage, and started going to the sessions. Barry says when he was told “that there was an elderly lady who was over 100 years old who had just opened a new Facebook page I realised it wasn’t too late to start learning again.”

Barry has a keen interest in preserved railways and a strong love of jazz music. “I am always interested in finding out as much as I can about history, especially around preserved railways. The internet is wonderful for that, and it is also great for finding about jazz music — for example the Big Chris Barber band.”

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How has Net Worx helped Barry?

“It has given me a lot more knowledge and opened up new possibilities to me to find out about the things that I love”.

He says it has also taught him how to use email. “I have a friend in Malta who I have been able to keep in touch with by sending and receiving messages. It’s great. Through the sessions and through practice I have become quite comfortable using emails. They allow me and my friends to share our common interests.”

For Barry the sessions are ideal. “I like that it is once a week, it’s not too much, not too little. I can learn at my own pace and get help when I need it”. However, there is one thing that Barry definitely does not find ideal: “it really annoys me when I have lots of pop-ups when I am trying to read something on the web!”