Care and support opportunities

Our main aim is to offer people just the right amount of support to help them live happy and fulfilled lives.

Would you like to work for us? You can find our Care and Support vacancies here

Some of our customers might have learning disabilities and want to live a more independent life. Some could be young people leaving care who are ready for their next step. And some people just need a few hours of extra support a week to manage their home.

We treat every person as an individual, creating a support plan just for them, so that they can live more independently, with more dignity, choice and control. Whatever support we offer, we do our best to provide the service that’s right for each and every one of our customers.

We do this by treating every person as an individual and by always believing we can make a difference. The support we provide depends on the needs of the individual but includes things like:

  • Helping people to manage money and pay bills
  • Providing 24-hour care
  • Putting people in contact with other local services that can help
  • Adapting someone's home to make it more suitable to live in
  • Helping people to stay fit and well
  • Working with people who need extra help to manage their home and stay independent

The list is growing and changing all the time.

So, if you need support yourself, or if you are looking for support for someone you care for, or if you’re a commissioner looking for a care and support provider, have a look at our specialist care and support website or contact us to find out more.