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A look at the site's potential. Is there a local need for more housing and is this site an appropriate place for it to go?

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  1. 1 What approach or variety of approaches should we take to the existing buildings on the site? Some are in a poor condition and do not contribute to the area. Could some be demolished to allow for more efficient use of this site?
  2. 2 Is there an opportunity to put new buildings on the site?
  3. 3 The southern end of the site turns its back on Archway. Should there be better connections to the town centre and provision for other uses such as retail or community space?


There is potential to provide much needed housing in a highly accessible location. A range of housing tenures and sizes can be accommodated including social rent, shared ownership and private sale — from 1-bed apartments to 4-bed family homes.

New buildings should be sustainable — achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 with reduced carbon emissions and reduced water usage. Measures could include photo-voltaics and green roofs along with very good levels of insulation.

The site is currently closed to the public — there is potential to open it up so that the public can move between Archway Road and Highgate Hill.

Previous uses mean there is no public space on the site. There is potential to create new, public space as part of the regeneration.

Safety on Highgate Hill and Archway Road can be improved by providing residential windows that overlook the street.

There are a number of trees on the site - some of which are valuable, while others are less so. There is potential to improve the quality of trees and greenery on and next to the site, by selectively replacing trees.