Who we are

Family Mosaic, which merged with Peabody in July 2017, was itself formed following a merger between the Family Housing Association and the Mosaic Housing Association back in 2006. Here's a history of the key points in the development of each organisation

Family Housing Association

In the early 1960s, the Rt Rev Eamon Casey was appointed director of the Catholic Housing Aid Association and branches were established branches throughout the country. Volunteers from the association held weekly advice sessions for people – Catholic or not – who found themselves in difficult housing situations.

Subsequently the Association began to buy and convert houses and in 1963 the organisation’s name was changed to the Family Housing Association. The organisation focused on fatherless families and those in poor quality housing (Rt Rev Casey was also one of the founding fathers of homeless charity Shelter).

ArcolaAbove: a detail from a mosaic in the reception of Family Mosaic's Arcola building in Dalston


Also in 1963, the New Islington & Hackney Housing Association formed with about half a dozen properties. It was set up to alleviate some of the worst examples of squalor in the inner city by providing reasonably priced, good quality and safe accommodation for those in the greatest need. 

The New Islington & Hackney Housing Association continued to grow and in 2004 was re-branded as Mosaic.

  • The New Essex Housing Association, a subsidiary, held the large majority of the care and support contracts within the business although they were also extended into London and the South East over time. Our current Care and Support work originated from the part of the organisation.

In 2006 Family Housing Association merged with Mosaic to become Family Mosaic, providing 25,000 homes and support to the most vulnerable in London, Essex and the South East.