Who we are

Last year, you will have heard about our intention to simplify the governance structure of the Peabody Group. We carried out a consultation with all our residents which ended on 7 December 2015.

Consultation results

In April 2016 we wrote to all residents, updating them about the results of the consultation (you can find more information here).

We have also published a booklet which covers this proposal in more detail and also includes feedback from residents – you can download the booklet here (pdf, 4mb).

What have the boards decided?
The boards of CBHA, Gallions Housing Association and Peabody have considered all the feedback, along with other factors. We believe that, on balance, the merger is in the best interests of each organisation as well as current, and future, residents.

The Charity Commission supports our wider proposals and has now given its consent for us to take the first steps in the merger.

More about the proposal

Over the years the Peabody Group has grown, which means that it now has a complicated legal structure. To make sure that the Group remains strong and well-run for the future, we are proposing to bring all three social landlords in the Group – CBHA, Gallions Housing Association and Peabody – together into one organisation.

Download a leaflet about our proposals here (pdf, 4mb)

How could this affect residents?

If this goes ahead:

  • Residents' rights under tenancy, freehold transfer documents or lease agreements would not be affected in any way.
  • Tenants' and leaseholders' landlord would be a new charitable organisation called Peabody Trust.
  • The Peabody Trust Board would have oversight of homes across the whole of London, including in Thamesmead and Waltham Forest where our other landlords, CBHA and Gallions, currently provide housing.

About the consultation

Every household should receive a letter about this along with a form inviting feedback. If you have lost your form, or need help in completing it, please call 0800 022 4040 (free from landlines) or 020 7021 4444.