What Peabody does

We're committed to growing our research programme so that we can contribute to local and national policy debates on housing-related issues.

Our aim is to deliver robust research that uses our insight and experience to develop evidence-based arguments on a range of areas impacting our residents, the housing sector and the South East as a whole. Our focus is on proposing solutions, not just identifying problems. We use our research both to influence others and stimulate wider debate as well as to challenge ourselves and inform our decisions, services and approach.

Our research is led by our in-house team who provide analytical and research expertise. We also collaborate with a wide range of partners such as universities, think-tanks and other research agencies.

You will find below:

An overview of our current research pipeline

We want our research to be respected, discussed, and valued both within Peabody and in the wider social policy environment. To achieve this, we have made sure that our projects focus on enabling one or more of the priorities set out in our Group Strategy (2018-21) and regularly liaise with public policy professionals to ensure they will have external impact. Themes include health and housing, welfare reform and young people.

  • We're currently inviting people to submit evidence to an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People. Find out more

Our latest research publications

This section contains downloadable copies of our latest research reports, including projects from both Family Mosaic and Peabody. It also includes research commissioned from external partners.


Centre for London
Strength in numbers: funding and building more affordable housing in London

Smith Institute
Safe as houses (pdf, 1.2mb)

Business case for affordable housing (pdf, 998kb)

Family Mosaic
Take-up on downsize: how to improve housing mobility in social housing
Health begins at home
Changing focus: a new model of resident involvement
Making the most of London's big sites


Our research archive: including pre-2015 reports (pdf downloads)


The future housing needs of London
How to take control
Changing places
Design for life: how councils and housing associations can collaborate for impact


Missing the mark; why resident satisfaction isn't measuring up
London calling: a strategy for housing
Employment bootcamp
21st Century Peabody


Reasons to be cheerful
Making the move: creating a new model for shared ownership
Health begins at home
A crisis in need of a strategy
Rebuilding the relationship between affordable housing and philanthropy

A picture of health: how housing and health can work together
The great debate: the future of social housing
Mirror, signal manoeuvre; our drive to provide more social housing
Let me choose: my life, my support
Change direction
2010 No going back