What Peabody does

Helping people to make the most of their lives

Our priorities

Our four priorities show the areas we’ll focus on for the next three years to help us achieve our mission:

Develop and deliver reliably good modern services
We’ll make our services easy to use and will get it right first time. We put the most vulnerable first so we make sure we’re providing the support our vulnerable residents need.

Build and maintain the best quality developments
We design, build and maintain homes and neighbourhoods which people are proud to live in. We invest in the areas where we operate over a long period of time – creating great places to live. We’re proud to offer affordable homes, and we’re committed to social rent.

Work with local communities and build long-term partnerships
We help people, households and communities to be more resilient, so that people are better able to handle life’s challenges, keep their tenancies and live independent and happy lives.

Grow and use our position of influence to create positive change
We reach more people as we get bigger – in terms of the services we provide, the homes we can build and the voice we can bring to the housing debate. We’re able to tell the stories of our residents and customers and make sure their voices are heard.

Ways of working

There are three elements which bring to life how we deliver our priorities:

  • We listen to, and know, our customers
  • We are reliably good
  • People want to work for, and with, us


Our employees have helped define the value of the new organisation.

We will be:

  • Ambitious - We’re ambitious for our customers, for our communities and for each other.
  • Caring - We’re caring in the way we work, and how we treat the people we work with.
  • Collaborative - We work collaboratively with each other, and with partners and stakeholders, to deliver more for our customers.
  • Empowering - We support and empower our customers and colleagues to help them realise their potential
  • Trusted - We’re trusted to keep our promises: we do what we say we will.

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  • Our history

    Learn more about our founder George Peabody and how he shaped our pioneering history