What Peabody does

We were founded in 1862 by the American banker, diplomat and philanthropist George Peabody, who wanted to "ameliorate the condition of the poor and needy in this great metropolis"

Our mission is as vibrant today as it was back in 1862. We want to make London a city of opportunity for all by ensuring as many people as possible have:

  • A good home...
    A place that is safe, warm, clean, light, well-maintained – somewhere that evokes personal pride.
  • A real sense of purpose...
    This means regular endeavour – whether that is work, learning, caring for others, personal development or volunteering.  Doing something that people look forward to because it makes them feel valued.
  • A strong feeling of belonging…
    Belongingness grows from active involvement in the neighbourhood and the spirit of togetherness and friendliness that goes along with that.

Our four key aims are to:

  • Provide great services and quality homes
  • Build thriving communities
  • Achieve influential growth
  • Achieve business excellence

Download the Peabody Annual Report, 2016

How we are doing this

Providing a good home
We only operate in and around London and our tenures include social housing, leasehold, shared ownership, supported housing, and key-worker accommodation. We also provide homes for market rent and outright sale to support the funding of affordable homes. Some commercial units are also included in our portfolio.

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Providing opportunities
Since 1997 we have allocated over £20m to an extensive range of community programmes to support our residents and create opportunities for people across the capital. These include employment and training programmes; health and wellbeing initiatives; activities for young and older people; welfare benefits advice, and family and parenting support.

More about our community programmes

Read more in our plans:

Peabody business plan 2015-18 (pdf, 166KB)  
Peabody business plan summary 
(pdf, 530KB) 

More reports and publications
  • Our history

    Learn more about our founder George Peabody and how he shaped our pioneering history


  • Our mission

    Our mission is as vibrant today as it was in 1862: to make London a city of opportunity for all.