What Peabody does

We're one of London's oldest and largest housing providers, also delivering an extensive range of community programmes. Learn more about what we do.

The Peabody Donation Fund was founded in 1862 by the great American philanthropist George Peabody. Following our merger with Family Mosaic, we own and manage more than 55,000 homes across 29 London boroughs as well Kent, Sussex and Essex.  We also deliver and support a wide range of community programmes for all Londoners.

You can find out more about the Peabody group here: Inaugural Business Plan, 2017-21.

Learn more about who we are

  • Our mission

    Our mission builds on the strengths and successes of our founding organisations.

  • Our views

    We respond to government consultations on issues that affect us and our residents.

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    Find out more about our community programmes and learn how you can support us.