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Green Deal: Peabody position statement

Press release date: 01 March 2013

Peabody supports this Government initiative which aims to make 14 million homes in the UK energy efficient by 2020.

The Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) may release valuable finance to pay for energy efficiency improvements in our homes. In preparation, Peabody has been investigating how we can deliver Green Deal- and ECO-funded measures, including carrying out modelling to assess where the best opportunities exist in our homes. This work is ongoing and will be completed in spring 2013.

Identifying residents'needs

The next phase of this work is to engage residents to understand how they value these measures and the way the funding system works. We believe that the Green Deal and ECO can only be successfully delivered in Peabody homes if we identify our residents’ needs and give them the appropriate priority in developing our approach.

Peabody has recently tendered for service providers to deliver ongoing investment in our homes. Peabody’s new investment programme, known as Quality Homes, will begin in April 2013 and is Green Deal and ECO ready, which means that Peabody could begin offering Green Deal - and ECO-funded measures from summer 2013.

Peabody's position

In the meantime, Peabody’s position on resident applications to install Green Deal- and ECO-funded measures is:

  • Peabody will not approve any applications from tenants living in flats or houses who wish to undertake Green Deal and ECO measures
  • Peabody will consider applications from leaseholders living in flats and houses who wish to undertake Green Deal - and ECO-funded measures. Consideration will be given to whether:
    • the proposed measures will have an impact (during or after the installation of the measures) on a neighbouring flat(s) or house(s). For example, installing a new boiler funded by the Green Deal would generally be acceptable
    • all necessary consents are in place and the measures do not conflict with Peabody’s Asset Management.

Peabody will publish an updated position statement in Spring 2013. More information on the Green Deal and ECO can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

All Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) enquiries should be referred to Peabody's Asset Management team who can be contact through our customer service.

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