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There are two stages in our complaints process.

Stage one

If you've already told us that you're unhappy and are not satisfied with how we've handled things, you can go on to make a complaint (stage one).

If you do decide to do this, we’ll acknowledge either immediately, if possible, but no later than three working days to confirm that things are being looked at. When we get in touch we'll give you the name of the person assigned to look after your complaint - your 'case manager' – and a reference number.
Your case manager will then investigate and get back to you with their findings within ten working days (if they can't do so within the time, they'll tell you why). When they contact you they'll let you know if further action is to be taken and what that is. You'll also be told what went wrong as well as what we – or our contractors – have learned from your case. You’ll receive an apology, if appropriate, and, if compensation is to be given, you'll be told how that has been calculated.

Once this summary has been sent out, you’ll have a further ten working days to raise your concerns. If you do raise concerns within those ten days, your case manager will discuss them with you to see if something else can be sorted out. If you don’t respond within ten days the case will be closed.

What if you're still unhappy?
As long as you've got back to us within those ten days, the complaint can be escalated to 'stage two' (note that we can't do this if it's about an insurance complaint that has been declined or if it's about something else that has happened since).

Stage two

Our Customer Experience Team (CET) will take over at this point. They’ll get back to you within three working days to confirm the name of the manager handling the case and what their investigation will cover (note that for some complaints, your manager may decide that your complaint should be reviewed by a complaints panel – please see below).

After this, your manager will then carry out a full review of the case and send a response to you within 15 working days (if they can’t complete the review by this time they’ll let you know and explain why).

Their response will include details of any further action to be taken (if this is needed) and information about what went wrong and what we, or our contractors, have learned during this process. You’ll also receive an apology, if appropriate. If compensation is to be given, you’ll be told how that has been calculated.

Our Complaints Panel
For some complaints, especially those that are less straightforward, your complaint may be put before a panel. This will comprise three people:

  • The Chief Operation Officer or an Executive Director who will Chair the panel
  • A resident Board member
  • A Director/Head of Service (relating to the complaint)

Your complaint will normally be looked at within two months. You don’t have to go along to the panel meeting yourself but, if you do, you can bring someone with you (but not a legal representative as this panel has no legal status).

The Chair of the panel will contact you within ten working days after the meeting to tell you what decision has been reached.

  • Please note: if you’ve gone through all the stages of our complaints process and remain unhappy with our response you can take your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman after eight weeks.

    Housing Ombudsman contact details
    PO Box 152, Liverpool L33 7WQ
    Tel: 0300 111 3000