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Peabody Capital Plc/Peabody Capital No 2 Plc

Peabody Trust has today (29 March 2018) completed an amalgamation with Family Mosaic Housing and Gallions Housing Association Limited under Section 109 of the Co-Operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

Following on from the merger of Peabody Trust and Family Mosaic to form a new Peabody Group on 30 June 2017, the amalgamation now brings together the Group’s three principal regulated providers of social housing into one, new entity. The new entity is a community benefit society and is called Peabody Trust.

Brendan Sarsfield will remain as Chief Executive of the Peabody Trust, Lord Kerslake remains as the Chair and Ian Peters the Vice Chair.

Peabody Capital Plc (issuer of £200 million in debt securities at 5.25% dated 2043) and Peabody Capital No.2 Plc (issuer of £350 million in debt securities at 4.625% dated 2053) will be subsidiaries of Peabody Trust.

For further details contact:
Benjamin Blades, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Peabody on 0203 828 4089 or 07875 020 950 (email here)