People at an IT training session in London

"It has given me extra life, I love it!” Arthur, 85.

Arthur’s new-found digital skills have opened the world to him — literally. 

He’s travelled with Net Worx to Spain and Romania, where he described what he’s learnt and how he’s helped others develop. 

Arthur regularly uses his iPad

The internet has helped him to re-connect with a cousin of his late wife’s, who lives in Turkey, someone he had not seen for 20 years. 

Getting started

Aged 85, Arthur “never used a keyboard until he was 76” says his daughter. “He now types better than I do!” 

Arthur explains that when his daughter first showed him a computer, and how he could use it to watch football, “I said ‘I’ve got to have one of them’ and from there off I went.” 

He then saw a Net Worx advert in Engage, and arranged to attend classes.  

Arthur now has an iPad which he uses for television, emails, Skype, Facebook, and general web surfing.  

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Exploring the web

“I shop online for groceries, buy things from Amazon. I have renewed my driving licence and passport online, I use online banking. In fact I try doing everything online if it’s possible.

“I go on YouTube and find music I like and listen to it for hours and it inspires me to play my keyboard piano, it’s great. And it really makes me feel happy and feel better in myself. It has given me extra life, I love it!”  

His journey has changed the way he communicates with people.  

“I can text them, email them, or have a Facebook chat with them or Skype. Fantastic!”  

Why go online?

Arthur’s message to other older people is what a massive difference this has made to his life.  

“If you have any interest in anything at all (which I’m sure everybody has) you can find it on the internet. 

“If only older people understood what it does for them, and whatever their interest, whatever they are into, they will find it on the internet.  It makes a difference to us and to people around us.  When my daughter sees me happy, she’s happy.”

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